Eggfood++ Mix (Eivoer++ Mix)

€ 10,50 each

Eggfood++ Mix

Is your eggfood spoilt because of warm weather? Does it smell sour? This can be helped with Eggfood++ Mix. Through a broad functioning synergetic mix of organic acids, the development of yeast in warm weather is controlled. Eggfood++ Mix combats yeast, fungi, and bacteria in your eggfood, so the nutritional value of the feed is kept and young birds can keep growing optimally. Can also be used in other wet foods. Did you know that eggfood can become spoilt in one hour on a sunny day? The result can be sick or dead birds.

This can be prevented by using Eggfood++ Mix. Can also be used in insect paste and other wet foods. Mix 2ml Eggfood++ Mix per kilo eggfood.

Packaged in a 50ml bottle with drop dispenser for easy dosing.
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