Anti-Picking Flakes (Anti-Pluk Vlokken)

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Anti-Picking Flakes

After years of research we have finally found a solution for birds picking their feathers. Our results show that 90% of the birds stops picking after being fed Anti-Picking Flakes daily for three months.

Explanation: Often, feather-picking is caused by stress. For example, moving the birds, their partner dies, etc. Because of this stress the birds have an increased consumption of beta-keratin. This particular protein can only be found in birds and reptiles. The beta-keratin is barely present in the diet. All beta-keratin the birds get through their diet is used to build up feathers and skin. Because the feathers are packed with beta-keratin, they start eating these. We call this picking, or rather eating, feathers. The birds supplement their own shortage of beta-keratin this way. The feathers grow back, and get eaten again. This way the birds get in a spiral of beta-keratin shortage, eating feathers, and so forth.

We went looking for pure beta-keratin, which is available. We have fed this to the birds, but to digest the beta-keratin, they need other nutrients. Birds that did not pick their feathers showed a nicer feathering. The anti-picking flakes can be mixed through the eggfood. If you do not give eggfood daily, mix the flakes with grated carrot and/or apple.
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