Super-Multivitamin (Super-Multivitamine)

€ 13,00 each

Super Multivitamin

This is a highly concentrated multivitamin preparation for birds, used to prevent vitamin deficiencies. Super Multivitamin supports growth, enhances the immune system, improves the intestinal flora, lowers stress, increases intake of nutrients and strengthens the bones.

There are two groups of vitamins: fat soluble, and water soluble. Because of a unique coating, the fat soluble vitamins in Super Multivitamin can also be mixed through the drinking water. Without this coating, the vitamins will keep floating on the water and the birds will not take them.

Dose: 1ml of Super Multivitamin to 1L of water, for a maximum of 5 days in a row. Do not mix with other products. Packaged in 50ml bottles with drop dispenser for easy dosing.
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