Anti-Mite Liquid (Anti-Luis Liquid)

€ 13,00 each

Anti-Mite Liquid

Besides our Anti-Mite that can be spread, we now have Anti-Mite Liquid drops. Anti-Mite Liquid is even easier to use! Monthly, give the bird one drop on the neck or under the wing.

It is also possible to mix Anti-Mite Liquid through the drinking water. Start with 1ml Anti-Mite Liquid to 1L of water for 14 days. After that, add 1ml to 1L of water, every three days, monthly.

Anti-Mite Liquid is a product on a 100% natural basis. It has no antibiotics that influence the fertilisation or body of the bird. If a mite bites a bird that is immunised with Anti-Mite Liquid, the mite will dry out and die. The mites will all sit in a corner together, where they become a darker colour and get dusty. This means the mites are dead.

Anti-Mite Liquid is a 50ml bottle, with drop dispenser for easy dosing.
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