Anti-Mite (Anti-Luis)

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The red mite is the greatest danger to birds and bird breeders. At night, this species of mite sucks blood from all birds and even attack young birds in their nests. After this, the mites retreat into wood splits and other cavities. The birds weaken, get ill, and die. In most cases, wholesale medication is used to combat the red mite, but birds can build up a resistance to these medicines. Anti-Mite takes care of this problem. Resistance is impossible when using this product, because Anti-Mite kills the mites themselves. This product consists of fluid, thickened silica that damages all species of mites. In a very short time, the mites that come into contact with Anti-Mite dry out and die.

If mites have infested your aviary, your health could also be threatened, because many people can have an allergic reaction to mites. It can cause itches, skin irritation, and bumps. In this respect, this product brings great relief, too.


Anti-Mite has a smooth structure and can be applied with a brush. The places that have to be treated are: perches, nesting boxes, seams and chinks in the cages, and known paths of the mites.

After applying the Anti-Mite, it has to dry for 24 hours. The layer is barely visible and can be washed off with warm water.

Anti-Mite is not an insecticide or biocide (poison). It is non-poisonous and can also be used in chicken sheds. There is no formation of dust.

It is also possible to spray the Anti-Mite, with more than 6 bars of pressure. It should not be diluted with water, because it diminishes the effect.

Anti-Mite works for 12 months. After this, it has to be removed with warm water and reapplied.

Available in 500ml containers.
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