Anti-Coccidiosis (Anti-Coccidiose)

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Coccidiosis is a parasite that first manifests in the intestines. If the coccidiosis is in the low intestines, that can be diagnosed by seeing blood in the excrement. If the coccidiosis is higher in the intestines, the excrement is black, and usually more watery than normal. On the underside of the belly, small arteries can be noticed. These are the early stages of coccidiosis. If this goes untreated, the coccidiosis goes further into the body. The intestines will be further affected and the disease spreads to the brain, and then to all the other organs. During this process, the bird becomes skinnier, because the intestines cannot take up as much nutrients. The treacherous thing about this disease is that the bird remains active, so it won’t be noticed quickly. The liver inflates and colours red or purple. The colour keeps changing until it is blue or black. Then, the bird will die.

Every bird that is infected with coccidiosis, will not fertilise, and will not lay eggs. Coccidiosis usually manifests during the moulting period, or in young birds.

Previously, there were different kinds of antibiotics available to treat coccidiosis. Unfortunately, these products are now banned in the EU. Our solution is: Anti-Coccidiosis. Specially designed on a basis of high-quality plant extracts and essential oils, this product will combat coccidiosis in your birds.

We advise you to give Anti-Coccidiosis daily during the moulting period, and during the first five days of a young bird’s life. To prevent coccidiosis, we recommend to give it three consecutive days, monthly.

Application: 1ml to 1L of water. Packaged in bottles of 50ml with drop dispenser for easy dosing.
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