Anti-Mega bacterium (Anti-Megabacterie)

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Anti-Mega bacterium

Currently, to sour the water, apple-cider vinegar is often used, to create a hostile environment for the mega bacterium, up to arrival in the bird’s crop. However, apple-cider vinegar also depletes calcium from bones, something birds will start to suffer from after some time of drinking water with apple-cider vinegar in it. The quality of the eggshell also worsens.

Whereas apple-cider vinegar only works until the crop, Anti-Mega bacterium keeps working until it arrives in the stomach. This reduces the chance of infection with mega bacterium. It has a unique composition that does not decalcify the bones and keeps the quality of the eggshell intact. Because there is no room for bad bacteria, there is more room for good bacteria, which can do a better job of absorbing nutrients and digesting food. This leads to healthier animals.

Application: give Anti-Mega bacterium daily. We advise a maximum of 5ml to 1 litre of drinking water, but build up to this, because your birds might have to get used to the taste of the water.
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