Anti-(Heat) Stress (Anti-(Hitte) Stress

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Because birds cannot sweat like humans can, when birds are warm, they open their beaks, move their tongue, and ruffle their feathers, to try to cool off. When a bird is overheating, they can no longer cool off the body. Because of the raised body temperature, the body can no longer take in enough oxygen. To put it simply: the connection between taking up oxygen from the lungs into the blood is not working as it should.

The result is that the overheated bird stops eating, which causes them to lose weight and young birds stop growing optimally.

The bird is only trying to survive, rather than grow and thrive.

The same is true for birds that are stressed, because of transport, fireworks, transfers, etc.

When you add Anti (Heat) Stress to the water, the birds can take up more oxygen. They stay more active, which results in less suffering from the heat and the bird stays in better shape.

Make sure that Anti (Heat) Stress is added to the water at least one day before the warm spell starts. Keep giving Anti (Heat) Stress as long as the warm period continues.

In other stressful situations, start giving the Anti (Heat) Stress timely. Better too early than too late!
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