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Worms can be a big problem for birds. Through their food or by picking the ground, the bird can ingest worm eggs. Worms can hatch quickly and grow fast because of the food the bird eats. Most worms settle in the intestinal tract, where they use more and more of the nutrients the bird is supposed to digest. This causes the bird to quickly lose weight, which soon results in its death. Worms can also damage the organs, which causes an even quicker death.

Worms can easily be treated by de-worming the bird 2 to 4 times a year. The best results are reached when this is done 4 times a year. This has to do with the life cycle of the worms. 14 days after every treatment, give the bird a follow-up treatment to make sure that the worms are gone.

Instructions for use:

Dissolve 1ml of Anti-Worm in 1L of drinking water. Give this solution for 7 days. Daily refreshing of the water is preferred.


Give the bird 1 drop of Anti-Worm, straight in its mouth.

Repeat after 14 days for the best results.
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