Super AD3E

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Super AD3E

Birds which are kept outside get their Vitamin D from the sun, but birds that live inside unfortunately do not get this Vitamin D. Even though special lamps can be used to supplement this, these only work optimally for 2-3 months. Vitamin D can easily be supplement via the drinking water.

Birds that have a Vitamin D deficiency are listless, inactive, barely sing, and do not breed.

Super AD3E contains Vitamins A, D3, and E in very high doses. They have a special coating that can be dissolved in water.

A bird cannot digest solely Vitamin D. Vitamins A and E help digest the Vitamin D in the body.

Vitamin D deficiency can be cured and prohibited by giving your birds AD3E through the drinking water 5 days a month.

Dose: 1ml to 1L drinking water.
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