Super Medication (Super Medicijn)

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Super Medication

Everyone who keeps birds, has had an ill bird every once in a while. When birds are ill, they are often in pain. Because of the pain, their muscles contract and the birds sit tensely on the perch or on the ground, like a ball. Because the birds stop eating and drinking, they deteriorate quickly and only get sicker.

Super Medication causes the bird not to feel the pain any more, and the bird relaxes its muscles. Then, the bird can start eating and drinking again.

Our recommendation is to give the bird a few drops of Super Medication in the beak. Mix it through the drinking water for a few days afterward.

Often, a sick bird has not eaten will for a few days, which causes the intestines to weaken. The best results are achieved when the bird is given Anti-Coccidiosis as well, for 1 week. This results in a healthy intestinal tract, the bird will be healthy quicker.
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