My name is Sjoerd Zwart, and ever since I was young I have been passionate about breeding birds.

I would like to introduce myself, and tell you how I came to this passion for bird-breeding, as well as the development and sale of (seed) products, medications, accessories, et cetera.

I have bred a large range of birds, from zebra finches to parrots. At first, I focused on exhibits and shows, but nowadays I mostly work on mutation breeding. My results have always been of excellent quality, which has not gone unnoticed. Many other breeders have asked for my advice, something I always give with pleasure and dedication. It is incredibly satisfying to hear that my advice has been followed and that it has led to positive results. I now provide information to breeders and aviaries in The Netherlands and other countries. Everybody is welcome to ask for my advice, whether you are a breeder with just one set of birds, or have a sizable colony.

Because I have visited a large number of aviaries and breeders, my knowledge about breeding birds has grown significantly. Time and again, I came to the conclusion that one of the biggest problems was a lack of the right food for the animals. I started to research this through literature, home-made tests, and personal experiments. Eventually, I found solutions!

Own Products

I kept doing research for new or better food. I created my own seed mixer with high-quality seeds. Besides the basic mixes, every breeder receives their own specific seed mix, because a bird that is kept inside has different dietary needs than a bird that is outside in an aviary. Every breeder is personally consulted to create a seed mix that is specific for the birds in their aviary.

Furthermore, I created a special insect paste with low iron content, now produced in Poland, with wild insects, to ensure the best quality!

To fight the problem of mite infestations, I have developed Anti-Mite and Anti-Mite Liquid, which is now even bought by large poultry farms. This says enough about the quality of the product! Anti-Mite can be spread on surfaces in the bird cages, and Anti-Mite Liquid can be used as drops or to mix through the drinking water.

At present, many different kinds of antibiotics are being pulled from trade because of government regulations. In response to this, in collaboration with a veterinarian and a chemist, we have developed a new line of replacement products. All these products are on a natural basis, because our birds do not get antibiotics in nature, either. Only natural antibiotics. These products are produced privately, to ensure the best possible quality.

Ordering our products is quick and easy via our web shop, and our points of sale. You can send us a message to find out where your nearest sale point is.


Below you can find a list of exhibitions where you can find us and our booth. If you want to order something to pick up at an exhibition booth, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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